September 14,2011

Well to make a long story short, I’ve been having trouble for several weeks especially hemoglobin. The doctors do not know why this is happening. So today they did a bone marrow biopsy to try to get an idea of why this happened. It was a disaster. I was so nervous that I couldn’t stop shaking. So about half way through the biopsy they stopped it. The doctor felt that I need to be put under in order to continue the biopsy. I think this is the last time I’ll be able to have a bone marrow biopsy as an outpatient. I’ll be going in to the Hospital at Presbyterian Main. I’m very pissed about this. I’m glad that I’m going to be under for the biopsy, but don’t like being on the hospital all that much. I’ll be in the hospital from 12 tomorrow through some time Friday afternoon. So please stop by and a say hello. You’ve got my number, just call or text ahead of time and make sure I’m there.


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